Please be aware that only birth marriage and death information is in this web site. Contact me for more information. The Goheen genealogy is an on going project started about 20 years ago after I retired. Being average, I did not starting my genealogy until most of my relatives were dead. I started with a chart my grandmother had put together. No sources, no dates or places; only names put into a chart.

My first project consisted of supplying sources and citing all the information. Needless to say this project mushroomed into a full time hobby. Many weeks each year were spent at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City. This web site provides only information concerning birth, marriage and death events. If you desire more information, please contact me. This is a result of my efforts. Any errors that may have been put into this genealogy should be reported to the complier mentioned at the bottom of the page.

Several years ago a Goheen contacted me desiring to more about his ancestors. His ancestors have been traced back to Ireland. Thomas W. and family entered Canada and proceeded immediately to Erin, Washington County, Wisconsin, in 1847. This family agreeded to a DNA analysis and it matches the DNA from the John Goheen descendant that emigrated into Philadelphia in early 1700.


The John Goheen descendants split into two groups during the Revolutionary Was. One group the Loyalists moved to the Bristol area and after the war went to Canada. I have not attempted to follow this line as this genealogy has been well documented and published. I did not want to reenvent the wheel. 

My efforts concentrated on the United States branch. Several branches from the early Goheens in Pennsylvania have not been connected; mainly the Birdsboro Goheen's. They may come form the  James M (Black) Goheen of Clarion County. My theory stems from the naming patterns being similiar and the fact the original Birdsboro emigrant had land settlement in the Clarion area. No proof exists but only one piece of evidence may suggest a connection. I also have collected several early families that I have termed my "Orphan Families" as these families also have no definitive evidence linking them to other Goheen lines.